My J2M with Rio from VanCon ‘13 made the rounds last year. Of course I had to get it signed this year.

Misha drew on Jared.

Jared and Jensen drew on Misha.

And then, you know, they each autographed their work.

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Yes, I had to add the word “permanently” - message me if you want me to do another version with certain characters


N° 2 in the little birthday spam for Ines - SN: 08x23

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i find it rlly fuckin funny when straight homophobic dudes make shows with only dudes and then get surprised when they look in their fandom and it’s just gay porn 


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Justin Bieber’s lawyer probably



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bad twitter jokes already Ackles…

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Random Supernatural gifs (9/?)
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Tell me what you want me to do.